Auto Bodywork & Painting


Auto Bodywork and Painting

When you want to restore the finishing of your vehicle, or contemplating whether to paint your vehicle or not, it is important to have a good starting point.

At SGV Auto Center, we believe that the right body is the basis of all quality finishes. Irrespective of the quality of a vehicle’s finishing, whether it is several years or even half a decade old, some imperfections must be remedied before painting. These can vary in complexity from slight scratches, bumps, bubbling paint or even rust. By taking the time to address these and other potential issues before painting properly, we can ensure a professional and sustainable finish for years to come.

We make clear and easy-to-understand estimates and use the industry’s most trusted material suppliers. Our exclusive quality assurance process allows us to meet your expectations quickly and cost-effectively.

To discover hidden damage and provide a solid foundation for applying new paint, we first remove any old paint. We achieve this by using different methods of paint stripping, depending on the extent of visible damage and the integrity of the panels. In some cases, the entire vehicle is media blasted to remove the paint. In other cases, a combination of media blast and chemical removal is used.

If the panels are too light and can become deformed during the media blast process, the paint is chemically or mechanically removed. In case the removal of paint indicates that the damage is greater than expected, we immediately notify our customers to inform them about our discovery

Once a vehicle gets to our facility, it is:

After the completion of the prep phase of the paint and body restoration of your vehicle, the last step is painting. If your vehicle is ready to paint, it will be tested by a method called a wet down inspection. This inspection includes a complete wet-down inspection that reveals fine ripples and imperfections that persist even after several sanding steps. If necessary, the car is primed and sanded again to ensure a proper base on which to work off the remaining process.

Once the wet-down inspection is completed:

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